How to Be The Next Cake Boss

Do you dream about becoming the next Cake Boss?  Even though there can only be one Cake Boss, that doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams. You can always be the next best Boss! Buddy Valastro aka “The Cake Boss” doesn’t just bake cakes he whips up one of a kind pieces of art. If you wish and hope to  be as amazing as Buddy, you have to learn from the best!

And what better time than the present holiday season fast approaching?  With pies, cookies, and cakes to be made, brush up on your baking skills or learn some new ones. The Cake Boss  himself offers an assortment of cake  and baking classes – like Buttercream Cake Class or Fall Fondant Leaf Cake Class and many more!

If you can’t make your way over to New Jersey where the Cake Boss bakes, you can still learn how to whip up yummy goodies with these few tips — all Cake Boss approved and found on the ShopTV Store.

  • The Essential Cake Boss: Bake LikeThe Boss, is written by The Cake Boss himself. This cookbook includes lots of recipes and techniques even how to decorate the cake.
  • If you want to be just like Buddy himself, you have to have an authentic pastry chef outfit with the big white hat and jacket. Every REAL chef should have their own outfit to wear while baking! (hint hint- this could also double as your Halloween costume)
  • Probably the most important item to have would be authentic Cake Boss bakeware. Everything from cookie cutters to muffin trays (different shapes), and colorful measuring cups, we have all the essentials you need.

Cake Boss Bakeware

Clockwise: 4-Piece Christmas Fondant Press Set $9.99 / Chef Set $44.99 /  The Essential Cake Boss: Bake Like the Boss $26.00

Make sure to check out the ShopTV store for more Cake Boss inspired bake ware and accessories.

After you create your baking masterpieces, snap some photos and show them off to your friends on Instagram and Pinterest.  Everyone will be commenting on your culinary accomplishment and wishing you made them a cake. Who knows, maybe you’ll land your own Cake Boss show!

Homeland Season Three Airs Sunday So Spoof It Up!

In addition to binge watching Seasons One and Two in eager anticipation of Homeland‘s Season Three airing this Sunday, we are getting ready for the explosive drama with some comic relief to start us out with a spoof from Above Average Network’s Homeland:The Musical! All the important players in the fake musical from Carrie and Brody to Saul and Abu Nazir entertain us with song and dance in homage to the rough and bumpy road ahead in the real series to come. Check out the clip featuring songs like “Carrie’s Lament,” “Smile for Me, Dana” and “Don’t Get Saul Berenson Mad.”

While the real award winning Homeland, a psychological thriller / espionage drama does not exactly spell material for comedy, this musical, while slightly insensitive, mostly makes you feel like if it’s wrong, you don’t want to be right!

So what can we expect from Season Three? (Season 1 and 2 Spoiler Alert!) With the double crossing and interrogation over and done with, Carrie and Brody have made time for lovemaking and long term relationship pipe dreaming.  Though Season Two’s finale directed all signs to Brody, now a congressman and double-agent for the CIA, as killing 200 people and shattering the impossible life these two imagined together, Brody might die (gasp!).

Season Three looks to be refocused to Carrie and her mentor and boss Saul Berenson protecting American intelligence and influencing the decisions of policymakers getting back to the heart of this series – the relationship between Saul and Carrie and the complex rabbit hole of terrorism that set this story into motion.  Not as sexy, but that’s what the musicals and spoofs are for!

And there’s no time like the present to show you’re a fan.  Visit ShopTV’s Homeland selection and make it known.  My personal fave is the Brody Is My Hero T-Shirt for the tortured irony factor.  What’s yours?

Real Housewives of Miami Battle: Blondes vs. Brunettes

Did you catch battle of the blondes vs. brunettes on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Miami (RHOM)? All the drama went down on Episode 7, La La Land, when enemies Adriana De Moura and the Joanna Krupa both asked Lisa Hochstein to be a bridesmaid in each of their weddings. Joanna gives the all so innocent Lisa an ultimatum making her choose between the weddings. Lisa defends herself by saying she can be friends with anyone and be in both weddings. Joanna doesn’t agree. After all, who wants to share their bridesmaid with their enemy? I know I don’t!

This long heated clash started in Season 2 at  Lisa’s lingerie themed (gasp!) breast cancer benefit. The housewives took it to a not very classy level with vicious yelling, ugly name calling, and even a punch thrown. Who started the fight? Well, this all depends on who you ask. Of course, each side blames the other and neither Joanna nor Adriana can put this drama in the past.

So are you Team Adriana or Team Joanna? And yes, you have to pick a side! Check out the Housewives personal blog to learn more about the drama and form a more educated opinion on this matter.

With all this Adriana and Joanna drama heating up again this season, it gave me the inspiration for a fab and feisty RHOM costume. Since Halloween is a little over a month away, this is the perfect time to start brainstorming ideas for a costume that will definitely get you noticed. If you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the Housewives series, why not dress up as one for Halloween! Trust me, with a little inspiration from our ShopTV store people will be turning their heads thinking you are one of the Housewives strutting down the street.

Housewives1. Brunette Costume Set $59.95 / 2. Blonde Costume Set $59.95 / 3. Joanna’s Crystal Drop Earrings $22.95 / 4. Teal Diamonds Together Bag $65.00 / 5. Orange Fest Super Together Bag $90.00

All you need to do is grab one of your BFF’s  frienemy’s to dress up with and battle out who is going to be the Cuban heartthrob Adriana or the Polish bombshell Joanna. Whether you’re team Adriana or Joanna, we’ve got you covered from head to toe – designer handbags and jewels included.

The Voice is Back!

The Voice is back for a rocking Season 5 and we are so glad it is! Returning last night just off the heels of their Emmy win on Sunday, the original coaches – Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton – reunited once again.

To kick off the show, the dynamic four performed an upbeat version of “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” and then proceeded to the blind auditions where they duked it out like siblings with familiar wit, charm, and charisma that fans have come to know and love.

So who did they hit the button for? The talent this season is just as impressive as ever. To cherry pick – Yardley Pennsyslvania’s Matthew Schuler, a West Chester University rugby player stole mine and America’s hearts and landed a four chair turn with his rendition of “Cough Syrup.”

Schuler had his plum choice of any coach with some pretty convincing begging from all four, and in the end he went with his heart – Christina. Even though she was surprised he picked her, Team Christina welcomed him with arms wide open.

This season Christina is “refreshed and hungry for a win” and svelte as ever with cleavage slightly more covered. My personal favorite? Cee Lo donned a henna tattoo on his head and MJ’s Thriller ensemble. Love that Adam called him out for “stealing Michael Jackson’s clothes.”

Will the new season bring back the beautiful pink Lady the Cockatoo. I’m still in love since her Season 3 debut! Or the feline lady Purrfect? We can’t get enough of Cee Lo’s animal sidekicks! And of course there’s the bromance between Adam and Blake that burns on.

From the superstar judges to the amazing talent, we’re cheering hear, hear for the return of The Voice.  The show takes on reality television with the mission of mentorship and competition akin to Project Runway and similar skills based reality programming with a distinctive bent on nurturing and developing the talent. For those who don’t make the cut, the judges manage the disappointment with technical tips for improvement always delivered with encouragement and a reminder to “don’t give up.”

So tune in for tonight’s show – you can expect your socks to be knocked off and your heart strings plucked.  The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8PM / 7PM Central on NBC.  Shop Voice fan gear like t-shirts, tumblers, music, and more inspired by the show at ShopTV.

You’ve Waited 8 Years For It — The Mother Is Here!

The mother has finally been revealed making it a Mother of a Monday when Season Nine, the final season, of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) premieres September 23rd with a special one hour episode! To recap, Season Eight ended with the whole gang preparing for Robin and Barney’s wedding. To Lily, Ted confesses his plans of moving to Chicago after the wedding because he’s still in love with Robin. Marshall accepts a job offer without telling Lily, which will derail their move to Italy. And for the most delayed moment of gratification ever – the mother makes her debut!
Photo courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Photo courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

In preparation for the new season, you’re accustomed to not holding your breath for a whole lot of plot development – it has been eight years after all getting us thus far – so you know the writers are going to slow things down to the minute. The whole season takes place the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding during which each character meets the mother separately before Ted. Because of course, kids, he still hasn’t met her yet!

So who is the mother? In real life, she’s Broadway actress Cristin Miloti who played “Girl” in the stage adaptation of Once and notable parts on The Sopranos and 30 Rock. So far for HIMYM, she’s arrived at the train station with her yellow umbrella, guitar (cause she’s going to play at Barney and Robin’s wedding!) and asks for a ticket to Farhampton. Well, we have gone far far too long and can’t wait any longer! Here are some of our ideas to demystify the mother and bide the time (four more days!) with a mother costume ensemble. Throw a premiere party or start planning your Halloween costume before anyone else snatches the idea – this is legendary!

Meet The Mother in six pieces of her wardrobe

1. Eyelet Dress $352. Pendant Necklace $245 3. Trench Coat $350 4. Guitar Case $825 5. Boots $495 6. Yellow Umbrella $17.95

Wrapping up Dexter

Dear Diary,

It’s an extremely emotional week for me. The Dexter finale airs this week and the suspense is quite nearly killing me. Beyond the suspense, the events leading up to this finale are getting just a little crazy. I don’t want to spoil it for you, diary, but I’ve really got to.

First off, Dex is convinced that he ought to head to Argentina with Hannah, which seems like a nice happily-ever-after for these murderous lovebirds, but it entirely ruins my plans to be the leading lady in his life. What am I to do now, Dexter?!

On top of this I’m also nervous that Dexter doesn’t make the final cut. There’s been a serious amount of speculation as to who’s going to die in the end, and for the sake of story I actually think it’d work out well if Dexter died. It would be terribly sad, and terribly disappointing, but let’s be honest, I’d rather have him die than end up with anyone but me.  (I even wrote that down as my prediction as I suggested in my last Dexter post, so it could work in my favor.)

With all this, I’ve been working on some ways to cope with the loss of my favorite serial killer. Even if he survives in the show, the series finale marks the end of Dexter in our lives and I certainly plan on surviving this finale.


I’m going to dress up in Dex’s green kill shirt, with his vinyl apron (you know, for the tears). In full Dexter uniform I will solemnly fold up the Dexter shower curtain, the closest thing I have to bloody plastic sheeting, in a manner similar to a soldier’s flag. I will then start back at Season 1 from the Complete Series DVDs while stuffing my sorrows with the deathly sweet Dexter Red Velvet Cupcakes. ($52.99, $19.95, $251.99, and $59.95, all at 


I do realize that I will need to move on from Dexter to other series. While no single show can fill the needs Dexter has created in me, I think I’ve found the trifecta that can help me move on. FX’s American Horror Story: Cove (premieres 10/9) will be my fix for sheer terror. For the gore and the police procedural, I plan on getting caught up on FX’s The Bridge (Wednesdays at 10pm), which follows detectives from America and Mexico trying to catch a serial killer who keeps terrorizing their border. Now I just need someone to take the place of demi-god like Dexter. For this I’m going to place my bets on The NBC’s Blacklist (premieres 9/23) featuring James Spader, someone I’m used to seeing in silly roles, as a good-guy bad-guy who can outsmart the government; he seems like just the dark character to fill Dexter’s shoes.

So while I’m still a bundle of nerves and anticipation, there’s still some hope.

Till next time…

ShopTV Sweepstakes – Winning’s just the beginning!

When have you ever found yourself unsure of how to spend winnings?  Never… well until you saw the massive selection on ShopTV. So once you’ve entered the sweepstakes by liking us on Facebook, and you’ve got a gleaming digital gift card in your hypothetical hand, you’re ready to check out the latest and greatest on ShopTV.

As a true television fan it’s hard to pick a starting point so we’ve grabbed a few of our favorites to get you geared up.


As time runs out to watch the latest and last episodes of Dexter, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the clock. Make sure your dark passenger is always prompt with the Dexter Dark Passenger Watch. The special edition Vannen watch features Ty Mattson’s iconic art over the face and wristband. ($84.95 on

That Season 6 premier of Sons of Anarchy was pretty intense. While we’re used to the Sons’ criminal activities, this episode alone may have caused a few underwear to require changing. Stay ready for the upcoming season with the Sons of Anarchy Reaper Boxers. ($14.95 on

We’re sure you’ve been thinking long and hard about this next month’s costume choice, and now’s the time to grab it before anyone steals your sweet idea. We’re also pretty sure that you’re essentially a rockstar at everything, which is why you’re destined to pull of the Eastbound & Down Kenny Powers Costume. The kit includes everything you need to power up with the Myrtle Beach Mermen tee, his ferocious facial hair, and a baseball cap with his wig attached. ($69.99 on

If you don’t want to get lost in the big leagues, we suggest you find yourself… as bigfoot. You may not believe in the ‘squatch, but you’ll make it real and a success when you don the Finding Bigfoot Costume essentials, with mask, furry hands, and feet. ($34.95 on

Don’t forget to deck your home out after you’ve got yourself covered. Get in with the Robertson family tradition and pay respects  to the almighty duck with the Duck Dynasty Crown Wooden Sign. The regal duck is topped with a crown on this unique wood piece. ($89.95 on

What are you planning on getting with your winnings?

Party Like A New Girl!

With one week left until New Girl’s Season Three Premiere, gather up your friends and catch the long awaited return of your favorite tv show characters to the screen with a pajama party!

(Spoiler alert!  Stop if you haven’t seen the finale of Season Two!) Just when you thought Nick (Jake Johnson) was prone to sabotage every relationship he touched, the romantic sparks between him and totally charming Jess (Zooey Deschanel) catch fire.  Finally, you say!  The romantic tension was ratcheting up so thick, you could slice it like a hot knife through sitcom butter.  And you thought the TV gods would never answer your prayers so soon in the series!

Image Credit: Fox

Image Credit: Fox

Will Jess and Nick’s chemistry last?  What commitment shenanigans will ensue? And what about the rest of the gang’s romantic pairings?  Who will Schmidt (Max Greenfield) choose?  Cece (Hannah Simone) or Elizabeth (guest star Merritt Wever)?

To start, refresh your memory of Season 2 and set aside a Douchebag Jar for bad behavior. Next, don’t just put on any pair of PJs.  Take a page from Jess and our favorite luxurious and style savvy BedHead designed pajamas by Hollywood success story Renee Claire.  Made in Los Angeles, California, these pajamas are positively amazing and adorkable.  Take a look at our suggestions and party on, New Girls!

Lastly, tune into New Girl’s Season Three Premiere airing Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. on Fox!


Rev Up Your Engines, brothers. Sons of Anarchy Premieres September 10

SOA fans, shake off that summer withdrawal dust and gear up for September 10 when FX’s Sons of Anarchy returns with the premiere of Season 6, which from the trailers and the photo sneak peeks promises another 13 episodes of twisty-turns, power plays, backstabbing, violence, and a bit of love. Die hards know they can expect Kurt Sutter’s skillful and even handed balance of storytelling about this bad boy Californian motorcycle crew just trying to keep trouble out of its small town, albeit at the cost of making some highly questionable moral choices.

Newcomers with a penchant for the antihero a la Breaking Bad, and Sopranos, too, can appreciate the main character, Jax Teller’s (Charlie Hunnam), struggle to do the right thing. Getting on the straight and narrow doesn’t fare so smoothly as Jax makes a slew of Machiavellian decisions in the name of justice rivaling the gruesome killings under his stepfather Clay’s (Ron Perlman) reign of SOA. That said, Jax is still out to settle the score with Clay for slaying SAMCRO brothers, including his own father.

And how will Jax’s mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal), longtime SOA matriarch, stand by her son’s leadership? And/or stand by the new romantic man in her life, sensitive OG, Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits)? Things are not so black and white. In the midst of it all, domestic scenes of family life are few and far between, but they are etched in there with shades and shades of gray. Tune in this season and don’t say we didn’t warn you about the bumps ahead!

There Can Only Be One: Mayweather vs. Canelo

Are you ready for the most anticipated fight of 2013, The One: Mayweather vs. Canelo? Get ready to rumble, guys. Enter Floyd Mayweather, the biggest Pay Per View headliner, holding the welterweight crown to his legacy, five division world championship, and eight world titles.  He’s about to meet his potentially best challenger yet.

Check out the Showtime promo: September 14 MGM Grand on Showtime Pay-Per-View.

Enter the young impressive red-headed Mexican boxer Canelo, ready to upset the rule of Mayweather’s The Money Team.  Also undefeated to date, Saul Alvarez, known to most simply as Canelo, is no rookie, despite being 13 years junior to Mayweather’s 36. Canelo turned pro when was just 15 and has not lost a match yet and has steadily gained a large following as the face of future Mexican boxing.

This epic worldwide fight matches two incredible boxers not just for the year of 2013 but possibly for the decade.  In one month, when the noise dies down and the fight begins, we’ll find out if Canelo will take the throne, or if Mayweather will continue to reign. There can only be one champion.

Will you be ready? From the hype to the walkout, get your fight gear and make it “The One” fight to remember!

Mywthr v Canlo

1. Mayweather T-Shirt $24.95 / 2. Official Pay-Per-View Poster $12.95 / 3. Canelo T-Shirt $24.95 / 4. Snap Back Hat $24.95 / 5. Zip Up Hoodie $49.95

From now until September 14 and beyond, show these incredible boxers you’re a fan!