Psych: Keeping the Bromance Alive

As Psych reaches its 100th episode it really makes you think: what goes into a friendship to make it as lasting as Shawn and Gus’s? Their “Psychic” bond and serious bromance help make Psych special and definitely make us all green with envy. We broke down the Shawn/Gus dynamic and have sorted out the best ways channel these two and keep your friendship going strong.


1. Secrets-
We’ve all heard “Secrets don’t make friends”, but they do when they’re purely between you two. Nothing keeps people thick as thieves like actually being thieves. We’re not suggesting you assemble your own pseudo-Pcychic agency, become a thief, or even commit any crimes, but sharing a secret gives you something that’s just yours. So whether it’s a crazy night or a shared guilty pleasure, find something that’s just yours.
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2. Snacks-
There’s rarely an episode lacking some serious snacking. The falsely-paranormal pair get their kicks snacking like crazy, arguing over dead people’s meals, and daydreaming about the next flavor combination they’ll get to experience. Food is just one of those things, it’s crucial for survival and finding a dish you and your best friend can go crazy over brings on some hearty bonding.
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3. History-
Shawn and Gus have the advantage of growing up together, but you can make your own history. Missed out on dorky childhood photos? Get a portrait package with your best friend and embrace the true dorkiness of your friendship.
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4. Inside jokes-
Okay, similar to your secret, but in a more public way. Gus and Shawn have their fair share of inside jokes, some so subtle you almost don’t notice them. Pineapple anyone?
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5. Nicknames-
Where would we be without Ovaltine Jenkins or Lemongrass Gogulope? Shawn never runs out of nicknames for Burton Guster and, while it started as a point of annoyance for Gus, it’s turned into a lot of fun for us. Up your nickname game, though we recommend only one, and you’ve got something unique to call your bestie.
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6. Play games-
Even if your best friend accidentally blows up your car or drives you crazy, you know they’re always going to have your back in every situation. Take a break and play a game, you can work together to solve an age old mystery.
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What are some tips on friendship Shawn and Gus could take from you?